Montgomery County

Ford For Montgomery County

2024 Campaign

Traditional, Conservative Family Man

“I’m proud of my family and of my marriage to my high school sweetheart, Trasa Koteras Ford,” he said. “Our daughter and her family are part of our daily lives and I love our involvement. I’ve been committed to this path for several years and have spent time making plans for a top-notch Sheriff’s Office. I’m looking forward to this campaign and my hope is that citizens will call me and even challenge me to help solve their problems.”

Kenton Ford Is a Constitutional Sheriff Candidate

Where it all started in 1997

Right here where we live. Same county, same house, same phone number and same forgiving wife that has put up with me for 28 years. It would be a great honor if you allowed me to be your sheriff. Let me go home and show you what a sheriff with my passion can do. A man that’s not perfect but understands his calling. If you allow me the honor, I’ll never have to campaign again. I’ll be your sheriff 365 days a year. You’ll see me and the great deputies that protect you will see me. Deputies and those around them will again embrace the reason they entered this blue family. If you want change, want to know your sheriff and you want to take pride in what will become the most family oriented agency in the country, vote for me. You’ll set back in the future and smile. You’ll be able to say, “I voted for that man.”

A Patriot That Has Served Both His Country and Community

I proudly served in the United States Navy.

After my Honorable Discharge, I returned to my Great State of Texas and became a Deputy Sheriff right here in Montgomery County, 1997. I’ve been serving since graduating high school. It would be the greatest honor to be your next Sheriff. Vote for a patriot that has served both his country and community. I have always cherished what our forefathers fought and died for before me. I’m a firm believer in The Constitution. 

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