Montgomery County

Ford For Montgomery County

2024 Campaign

"If I'm Elected, I'll Never Have To Campaign Again, Because You'll Never Want Me To Leave.

I am dedicated to fostering personal connections with the community and being outdoors, 365 days a year. Additionally, I will work closely with our officers to ensure their active involvement in building a safer and more connected community.

Personal Law Enforcement

Montgomery County Sheriff's Office will offer protection to neighbors, families, and businesses, with professional and commendable law enforcement officers with Ford as Sheriff.

Children and Youth

The children of Montgomery County need protection. Whether it's cyber crimes, gang violence, or random crime, they deserve exceptional protection county-wide.

Officer Recruitment

Agencies throughout the state and country have struggled with recruiting sound and honorable officers. We must offer first-rate employment packages and benefits, along with our respect.

Department Morale

Both officer and department morale is of utmost importance and in serious need in the MCSO. We will respect and provide for our officers, as well as be an example to the community.

Kenton Ford

Podcast and Interviews

Filmed August 28, 2023

Filmed March 26, 2023

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